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About Us

United Strapping Tools (UST) was founded 1995 in the United States and has become a major supplier of strapping tools and spare parts. Our products are sold to over 30 countries in the world and are utilized for palletizing goods for transport and offering ease of mind to our customers.

We have excelled in the challenges of today’s rapidly changing manufacturing marketplace by continuous improvements in processes, capabilities, quality control, engineering, and productivity.

UST Building

United Strapping Tools is to always have the customer best interest at all times, period. Our unique processing of all orders and our outstanding customer service is unlike any other which has made us as successful as we are today.

Guroz Building

We have warehouses and manufacturing facilities in both the United States and in Turkey, allowing us to ship worldwide to all customers. If you are in need of any tools or parts that are , please call us and we will happy to discuss further how we can help you.

UST-1345 tools
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